Flats take a while to fix. Especially if you have a semi-crappy pump and need 85psi to properly inflate my tire… and I have wimpy arms, apparently. Elevation was about 3000 and it was a good 3 hour ride, plus 20 changing tubes and then going to a bike shop to get more air. It was only 15 minutes away, thankfully!

I had only been able to pump my tire with a manual hand pump to about 20psi. I had a Lezyne cartridge pump but failed to use it properly. Also it was small and awkward, unfortunately. (I had the bike shop guy show me how to use it and he said I needed to hold it in its sweet spot to get the cartridge going right. Luckily we were done with most of the ride and in the return section home. I found a pretty tiny splinter in my wheel. It was really sharp and if I had a tweezer, it would have been perfect to remove it.

I have to share one awesome thing from my ride..

We saw a blue heron flying in a creek below us! The road was in a shaded bit of trees and the creek had those really round and typical “river rock” that makes it look like a scene from a movie. It was beautiful and majestic and flying faster than we were riding. It was so awesome!

Then, I came home and my hubby asked if I wanted him to pick me up a burrito! Why heck yes! So, to tide me over because I want to eat everything in the house, I made some salsa! Ran out of onions, so I used scallions instead. Mmmmm Hungry!

My ride burned about 1300 calories, so I’m fairly starved right now. I woke up and made a shake, so that was my fuel for the ride.



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