I’m a designer by trade, and I work with a lot of various clients.  The reason that I don’t post any of my work or what I do for a living is because it is proprietary to the company I am working for until they produce it for sale.  I can only talk about things I’ve done and that are in the past and I usually need permission from my clients to do so.  Also, I like my blog to focus on food and health, which gives me a great release from my everyday work life.  I live to design, but I need my freedom, too!

Last year, I did a fun project with a company called Vecco.  They created a great concept: a way to spray colorant onto carpet and “fix” or seal it permanently.  If you create a design and do not like it, you can vacuum it up!  It’s a wonderful idea for people who love to freshen up the look of their homes and be VERY creative!   Here were the ideas I generated and are now in production and for sale!

[I did the stencils for the birch/trees, feathers/birds, zebra stripes (that one was a bit challenging) and they created really cool montages in the “runner”.]

These are photos from their stylists using the designs I created.  Pretty soon, you will be able to create your very own patterns and stencils, too!   (That’s what they say on their website.)

Currently, they are showcasing some really talented designers on their site and their videos of what inspires them are all very cool!  I don’t make any profit from any purchases as these were work-for-hire, so I’m not profiting from this post in anyway.  I thought it was such a cool concept when they first asked me to work with them, I couldn’t resist!

(all photos, styling, color combinations created by Vecco Studios.  If this is your company, please contact if you do not want your images posted and I will remove them.)


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