Simple breakfast and a refashioned BLAT for lunch. I bought this from the deli but they piled on the bacon! The tomatoes were a bit tasteless but of course I brought my own! I plucked out the big tomato slices and added my own! I think I mentioned this before but I prefer avocado instead of mayonnaise.



“Thanks, but I bring my own Dry Farm Tomatoes!” I sound snooty, but the ripe DFT’s truly make a difference.

Today, I saw my acupuncturist. She’s awesome, young, well-travelled, knows Chinese medicine, western PT and Ayurvedic, too! I can ask her anything and she’s got a great answer that works with my needs and what my symptoms are.

For example: Today’s issues were plentiful;
1. Aching knees from riding and running on steep inclines too much and for too long.
2. Elbow pain from computer work and jolting experienced through holding on to mountain bike bars and going down very rocky terrain.
3. Extensive bruising of the knee and shins from falling yesterday and having the bike topple over me. (this was a slow moving accident where I was riding through a network of tightly twisty trees and ran into a root between two trees when I thought my handlebars wouldn’t clear them.) The twisty route was like walking three steps and making a hard left or right, about 20 times.. 😉

Well, she put needles in a lot of places and some caused a dull ache and others a feeling of tightness. I pretty much went to sleep when she left the room and I woke up refreshed but a bit stiff.

I’m supposed to rub a special pepperminty oil on my elbows once a day, until my arm feels better..

One bit of advice that is very different for my knee recovery is that she suggested using coconut oil around my knees and then keeping a warm compress on them to increase circulation and reduce the amount of swelling. That is fairly opposite to my chiropractors advice of immersing my legs and knees in ice water for 15 minutes every day. I guess I can try the warm idea since I’ve been icing for the last week and some of my pain has not lessened. I have not rested, however, so I need to not ride or run for the next few days..

I may go for a swim, though.. my neighbor’s pool is inviting!


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