Doplar, the female donkey, is on the left and Eddie, the male pony, is on the right. I’m Equine-sitting this week! Cute, huh?

They were starving this morning and I had to put on their fly masks before I could feed them. I can understand how crappy it must feel to have blinders on all day, but the flies in the eyes would probably bug them even more..

Eddie is a very hungry pony. He’ll edge out Doplar at feedings and she snorts and tries again. I always feed them in two spots, but maybe Doplar thinks Eddie’s food is better. I could barely get out of the barn with them nibbling the scraps that fell on the steps!


I made a morning smoothie but I really wanted to try making the “early girl consommé” recipe from Thomas Keller. I chose about 2 dozen of the ripest tomatoes (by feel, the skin is just a little wrinkly when you rub it, and gives a little when you squeeze). I’m getting good at sniffing them, too. Actually, if I can smell sweet tomatoes, it usually means there is an overripe one that’s oozing juice..



I boiled water to rehydrate a chipotle pepper and blended it with my tomatoes. Placed everything in a clean cotton dishcloth and am hanging it to drain the consommé.

So far, in the time it took to make a new batch of raw tomato-almond pasta sauce, boil some pasta, eat it, and clean up, the drained tomatoes have produced 2 tablespoons of clear liquid.


I know pasta is a strange “breakfast” but I have been riding my bicycle everyday and plan to meet up for a ride later today. I really need the carbs for fuel. Now, I don’t have to worry about making lunch since I already ate it! 😉


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