Ok. I can safely say, I’ve run out of any animal based proteins in my fridge/pantry!

I know I ate a large breakfast, but I got hungry again! Just thinking about riding today is making me hungry.

I found some baby fingerling potatoes in my garden. There are about a dozen “volunteer” potatoes in one of my beds and though they are not all ready, a few had baby potatoes near the surface.

The potatoes, an over ripe Japanese eggplant, some padrons and savoy cabbage and marinated garlic all sauteéd together. Ta da! Lunch!


I have a kimchi paste already made: chili flakes, ginger, garlic, rice flour and some kelp liquid make it vegan! I mixed a little of that with chopped cucumber, kalamata olives and sesame oil for a dressing.


Served with a lime spritzer with fresh weeds, I mean “mint”, from the garden.


The perfect bite!


2 thoughts on “VeganLunch?

    1. You know, me neither, but I was really craving saltiness of the olives. It actually tasted balanced, like using soybean paste or black bean paste in some Asian dishes.. Thank you for visiting and commenting, Kylie!

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