Grilled salmon on potato blinis and Vegan curried sesame-tomato soup


Steamed my leftover mashed potatoes for making blinis! I found this recipe in Thomas Keller’s French Laundry Cookbook. I improvised a bit because my potatoes were already blended with yogurt, but since the recipe called to use creme fraiche, I thought it would work out OK.


The first batch is always a doozy. I’m not really into pancakes, but these are savory and quite delicious. Too bad my flipping skills are lacking!

20120806-212442.jpg Not enough oil..


Vegan Tomato Soup!
Meanwhile, I peeled, seeded and cooked down a dozen tomatoes for soup. The recipe I found is for “curry tomato and peanut soup” but I omitted all onions, broth and peanuts in lieu of pure tomato and juice from the dry farm tomatoes. I added Ver Jus and a curry spice blend. The big leaf in there is called a betel leaf. It imparts a smokey, pungent flavor to soups and curry dishes. It is used in Vietnamese cuisine and in Thai dishes more as a “wrap” to put little tasty morsels of appetizers on. It tastes very intense raw, in my opinion.


I added Chinese style sesame paste to make it a bit nutty in flavor. Blended it after letting it cool a bit and served with chopped cilantro.


Sadly, my blinis got bigger as I plated do it looks very weird stacked like this. I will use a mold next time because, well, I suck at making perfect little cakes. The citrus juice marinated salmon was grilled by my hubby and the juicy grilled tomato created a nice sauce to dip a bite of blini into.

This was a great breakfast looking-dinner!


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