This weekend has been odd weather-wise. The temperatures were estimated in the lower 70’s, however the clouds were plentiful and there was even a few moments where it drizzled. My hopes of drying tomato skins were halted!

Apparently, for my skins, one day in the sun wasn’t enough. I had the oven going for a gilette and when I turned it off, I tried finishing the drying process and threw the baking pan to warm up.

About 10 minutes later, the tomato skins were almost overcooked but they tasted crispy and sweet, if not slightly caramelized but thankfully not burnt.

(I’m always burning things in the oven.)

I have a big mortar and pestle about the size of my head. I used that to pulverize my skins. I used to have a working spice grinder, but the motor burned out and I never tried to replace it. Mostly because I keep forgetting about it.

The 24-30 tomatoes I peeled end up equalling 2-3 tablespoons of delicious tomato powder. I have to say, I think it’s best to add some salt, maybe another few spices to make it a blend because it’s quite “light” in flavor.

It is pretty and a fun garnish!


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