You can do anything you put your mind to.. but your body may surprise you in positive AND negative ways.

So, I recognize I’ve been cycling more and adding trail running to my exercise. It’s common to push yourself too hard and that’s why a lot of trainers recommend not increasing more than 10-12% per week of activity. I think I went too high the past month. Maybe 20% increase per week so it’s no wonder my knees are sore.

Things I learned today after a deep tissue massage and alignment:
1. The backs of my knees are retaining water from overuse.
2. I need to submerge my legs into an ice bath for 12 minutes to loosen up and get into all the pockets of tissue to relieve the sore muscles.
3. spin spin spin more up those crazy grades! (what if I’m out of gears?!)
4. My quads are getting stronger and they wrap around my knees, therefor the pain stems from them recovering.
5. my seat was too low (which I’ve addresses already through my fit specialist).
6. kimchi is a great conversation piece!
7. breath through deep tissue massage, it hurts but it feels good afterward
8. my hips rotate out of alignment every 5-8 weeks. whoopie!



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