Yes. I am finally able to make some dishes with the summer love apples that have finally come into season. I will do the tried and true and typical, but these recipes can only be made with these ingredients right now. Can you tell I’m passionate about this or what?



This is one of 2 strainers in my kitchen. It is used for everything! The other one is like a basket for drying herbs or blanching string beans, i.e. fairly useless..

While waiting for my gilette to bake, I found an easy recipe: tomato coulis.


I think I’ll attempt Thomas Keller’s tomato consommé in a few days when the tomatoes are super ripe.

Still waiting.. but I turned down the oven because my husband hasn’t gotten home from his morning chores..

He went to get new tires for his truck, a hair cut (because I’m a butcher with clippers) and a bucket for me to ice my legs.. 😉


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