What a morning! I’ve been elbows deep in tomatoes!


I made a breakfast shake (beet, peach, and whey) and while drinking it, separated ripe and tender tomatoes for tonight’s meal.

I decided that having raw chopped tomatoes is easy, but I’d need to peel some for a tarte tatin, so I blanched and peeled them all.

I’m not one to waste and the past 3 years of tomato-wrangling these decadent fruits are to treat them with respect. What I didn’t use today for lunch, I canned.


I decided to make gazpacho! Since I think I waste time straining after blending, I strained out all the seeds I could. I laid the tomato skins on a baking rack to dry in the sun outside.



I cross referenced a few gazpacho recipes and included some ideas from Alice Water’s “The Art of Simple Food”.

I used a half blender worth of deseeded tomatoes and juice, 1 giant clove garlic, 1/2 tbsp organic rice flour (to replace the bread that is in every recipe), 1 cup of deseeded & diced cucumber, 1tbsp reserve balsamic vinegar+ 1tbsp champagne vinegar, 1/4 cup unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, 1 rehydrated ancho chili deseeded & chopped and 1 rehydrated chipotle pepper, deseeded & chopped.



Blend and chill for at least a few hours?! Ah darn! I missed that when I thought I could eat this for lunch ! I’m going to chop more cucumbers and a red bell pepper to garnish! Maybe onions, too? Gazpacho To be continued! haha.

but what about eating NOW?

Ok. So the big pot for blanching was still hot so I turned it to boil again and threw a few artichokes in that my friends gave us!




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