So, I was feeling a lot of knee pain, lower left back pain.. still do. I went to my local bike shop and had my bike re-fit. I had a fitting about 6 months ago, but when I got on the bike, he knew immediately what was wrong!

I needed shorter cranks, which I got, bought new Sidi’s, so I was expecting some changes/ recommendations, but when he raised my seat 1.5 inches and I felt better, I was in shock. Apparently, either the post sunk or it was adjusted..

*I did let a friend borrow my bike for his wide to try out, but they swore they didn’t alter my set up. Hmmmm. Highly suspect, I think.

Anyway, the shop I go is run by Wade Hall, a fit expert who is also a friend. He had me on a trainer, two cameras on me (side and front) and totally readjusted my saddle, post height, rotated the bar so I’d use the area closer to the hoods as a comfortable riding position. With my current seat height, I was at 50degrees, hips over rotating. Seat moved upward, I was at a happy 35degrees, hips barely noticeable during rotation. I felt better even on the ride back to my office! I wish I had a picture!

So, when I got back to work, I decided to go on a spin with the hubby. He was going to go “slow” so I decided to join him.

He chose the most exposed climbing routes upbound. I’m talking dust, sun, dust, no tree shade, dust .. you get the idea. I actually stopped to douse water from my water bottle on my head. I was overheating and my eyes burned from his dust! šŸ˜‰

*BTW, I’m one of those riders who carries a water bottle in my jersey instead of a backpack+hydration system. I rarely go more than 1.5hours and don’t want the extra weight / heat of a pack on my back. I have a full suspension bike, but I act like a cross-country chick. Go figure.

Anyway, because I went with hubby, and he pushed his limits, but went slower in the descents so I’d follow his lines, and I got about 4 QOM’s . Pretty epic, I think! Top 30% of men and women riders (on Strava) on some of those segments is no small feat. He chose really good lines, some I wouldn’t have seen or attempted had he not called out ahead of time. There were two sections where I slipped and hopped off to avoid falling off a cliff, and got stuck in some rutty root sections that took some time to peddle out of. Overall, he wanted to help me successfully clear the trail.

Thanks, hubby! Your sacrifice meant my success. He’s amazing, I swear!!


FYI: Strava does this obscene thing (if you enable it to) where it emails you if someone KOM/QOM’s and takes your place. Personally, I opted out of that because I figure I’d see emails everyday! I’m sure a few people will be miffed tonight.. Sorry! I was dying and eating dust chasing my husband if that makes anyone feel better!


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