Planning to do a little mountain biking today so I ate lunch early. I hate feeling heavy during a climb and heartburn from not digesting feels horrible.


Foamy green shake! Garden greens juice drink (kale, lemon, ginger, celery) and some SP Complete powder with fiber.


I went crazy with lunch! So my leftover skirt steak from last night mixed with kimchi paste, sautéed onions and lentils made for a yummy Koreo-Taco! I had white (baek) kimchi on sprouted corn tortilla. I was going to make this vegan with rice, but I really felt like making this like carne asada.

I know it looks spicy, but it’s not as hot as it looks! My white kimchi with Thai chilies is spicier!

The white kimchi is turning out very bubbly and yummy. The red kimchi hasn’t quite released much fluid yet.. I think they will turn out OK with my new vegan recipe..


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