Mint, kaffir lime leaves, Thai basil leaves! if you don’t have any kaffir or Thai basil, use some fresh cilantro leaves along with the mint.

We still had a whole lobster tail left in the fridge. I didn’t want lobster sandwiched so a salad seemed best for today’s hot weather!

Juice of 1 whole lime, a squeeze of agave nectar, a few dashes of fish sauce, two chopped Thai chilies, a pinch of salt. Sometimes I add a little minced garlic and sliced shallot but today I decided to keep it super simple. Don’t substitute lemons for limes in this recipe. The flavor is ruined by lemon. If you are not so tart-happy with lime, add a tablespoon or two of water to dilute the acidity.

The kaffir leaves are quite firm, so thinly slice them so it’s not so “woody”. I use tender young leaves, but not everyone is so lucky to have a tree.

I julienned kohlrabi to create a “raft” to place the lobster on. If you have time, you can make roasted rice powder to dust on top and pulverize red chili flakes to garnish. I’m lazy so I just relied on the Thai chilies to give it proper heat!

Serve with a muddled mint spritzer with ice!

If you want to get a Thai cookbook, I recommend David Thompson’s Thai Food. It teaches fundamentals, flavor profiles, and I swear you will never taste cleaner Thai food. Except maybe in Thailand! I have made at least 50 or so recipes from that book at least a dozen times, each time getting more confident and better with my technique. It enabled me to clearly define good Thai restaurants versus lazy ones. (I taste Skippy peanut butter!!) haha. And, I can also create tasty Thai-Inspired dishes like today’s lobster lunch! (not in the book) 😉


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