My mom brought me Zha Cai from a market in Chinatown. I was so happy since I ran out!

This inspired me to make my delicious Dan Dan Mein for dinner.

I really dislike jars of premade black bean sauce. Maybe it’s because of the MSG normally in them, or the high sodium content, but I really like to make my bean pastes from scratch.


Fermented black bean, grated ginger, chili oil. Mash it together= bean paste. Easy!


I cross referenced this recipe online with my Celia Chang cookbook and created a yummy dish. I totally forgot to include black vinegar, but I didn’t miss it! Everything was so flavorful!

I used ground turkey meat rather than the normal pork. I think it wasn’t as sweet, but way less oily overall. I did include pea shoots, which my mom also bought for me! I used store bought noodles since I have no idea where I packed away my noodle press. ;(



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