Wow. I’m still really full from dinner last night. I had a slice of delicious artichoke bread, however!


These delicious round loafs of garlicky and artichoke goodness are freshly baked in Pescadero. My mom brought one over for us to share yesterday. Whenever my husband and I ride our 45 mile loop, we stop in Davenport to eat a deli sandwich. I’ve always wanted to bring a musette bag to bring home a loaf! People park their cars, walk straight into the store, grab a loaf, pay and then leave. It’s addictive, I think!

Some recipe fails last night:
Paella: grill/ coals too hot early on and then not putting the clams on early enough to fully open.


The bomba rice is not fail-proof, and due to the weight plus shy a little water, I had not only crusted the rice at the bottom of the pan, but I burned it.

My husband attributed to burned rice to a pan failure. The pan made a weird “pop” when I was searing the meat, but the whole bottom was blackened. this pan was inexpensive and has gone through at least 3 dozen direct coal grillings. I’m pretty sure I got my money’s worth, but heck if I burn a single rice kernel with all the work put into making a paella!

We ended up pulling out the clams and steam-heating them in a little pot to fully cook them. My hubby checked all the clams beforehand: lightly tapping each one to listen to the pitch of “clicking”. The lower “clunks” indicate higher likelihood that the clam is not good, i.e. dead. On occasion, the low cluck- clams are rechecked and sometimes change to high clicks. Keeping the clams immersed in water allows them to relax and you can usually see them open up and breath.

Otherwise, the paella was good!
Veggies: Green beans, artichoke hearts, (cut to be similar in size), 1.5 bell pepper, freshly chopped heirloom tomatoes.
Meats: Fresh chopped rabbit (bone-in), chicken Italian sausage, lobster tail, clams
Spices: Spanish paprika, hand-picked saffron (from my friend in Aptos), fresh garlic, pepper and sea salt.

Lemon to serve.

For the appetizers of grilled oysters, I made two sauce options. The one everyone loved was the vinegar sauce. This is how to make it.


Rice vinegar-1/2 cup
Tamari or soy sauce- 5 tbsp
-Packet of bonito flakes
Heat the liquids in a small pot until little bubbles form. Turn off heat and add in bonito flakes. Cover and prepare other ingredients.

Chop 1 cup of white or red onion.
Chop about 2tbsp ginger
Mix together

Put a strainer over the onions and ginger and pour in vinegar-soy mixture until all are immersed.
Chop 1 -2 Thai chilies and add to taste.


Add Thai chili to taste. 1 for heat-sensitive people should be OK. If they cannot eat peppers at all, separate the dish into two options. Fiery and wimpy. 😉


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