My gal-pal and I rode home tonight. She tagged along my commute home and made a loop out of it. We stopped only once to eat some wafers/Clif Bloks and to turn on our tail lights, but that’s about it.

We heard a buzz of motorcycle engine and sort of waited for him to pass and go ahead of us. I assume he was going 75mph plus by his riding position and I wasn’t surprised when I heard sirens at the end of my ride about 30 minutes later.

Typically, motorcycles like to ride the same road we do, right? Twisty, fun, oh yeah! But when I turned toward home and my friend went her way to loop back toward town, I heard sirens!

Crap! First thing I thought was “I hope that wasn’t for her!” But Strava is cool and most people upload when they finish riding so I was waiting for her to post. Thankfully, she texted me and told me she was OK but recognized the red fuel tank of the motorcycle. Apparently, the guy wasn’t moving. ;(

There could’ve been so many things that forced that guy down: deer, mountain lions, coyotes crossing, snakes, cars, bee in your helmet, unexpected fast corner you underestimated or cyclists.. but speed kills. Like this morning I fell slowly! barely broke my skin. 😉 If I was going faster? OTB and concussion! Well, probably not! But I’m extrapolating..

I don’t hear helicopters. Usually, that follows a crash because you need airlifting out from where I live to any trauma center. I wish him life.


Anyway, it was a perfect evening. Cool, shaded, light traffic!

This weekend is the Santa Cruz Mt. Challenge. I saw a few arrows along the ground where the routes have been marked for riders. I still have time to enter the Metric or regular Century! But thankfully, my parents are visiting so I have an excuse NOT to do it this year. 10,000 feet of climbing doesn’t seem so bad when I commute at least 4000 in a day. Check out the course HERE! for this Saturday!

I’d only be up for the metric, I think. Maybe next year!


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