Luxury=choosing what type of bicycle you want to commute home on and what type of trails! I’m going to take a road ride home! Like the 2100 feet of MTB trails and 50 minutes inbound weren’t enough! Give me 2800feet of road riding home!

My Strava blind date turned out to be a new exercise buddy! We’ve ridden twice or three times and trail ran once. Did I mention I didn’t run? Well, I ran when following her! Haha. She’s going to start off with me on my road ride and then loop back to her house after we climb all the big stuff.

I do feel a little dinked up and bruised, but on my road bike, I don’t think I’ll notice the pain. It’s sunny and exposed climbing, then shaded climbing.. No end to climbing, I guess. Tomorrow I have meetings all day, do I’m trying to get a lot of miles in today.

My lunch included inhaling a BLAT, so no pictures. I wanted a mint and lime soda water, but the cafe said someone stole their 4 mint plants. How lame! Mint grows in my yard like weeds. I can’t imagine it being something someone would steal!


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