Healthy, good omega oils, vegan and delicious! I love a warm smoothie on a cold morning! I heated a teapot of water and added a few tablespoons of Larry’s Famous Chai to season.

**Larry is now retired, but his chai recipe lives on! I found this tiny coffee house in Felton, when I first moved here. I noticed a warm aroma, more spice than coffee bean and inquired what their specialty was. “Chai tea, of course!” And the selection of milk or soy to make it with was endless! I mean, come on, I live in food liberation land! Soy is passé, and sweet brown rice milk is “in”! Well, maybe not quite yet.

I use water in my smoothies normally because I want to control my fat intake. The açai and chia seeds suffice.

After steeping for 5 minutes, I poured about 10 oz into a blender, added frozen peaches, a half tablespoon of black chia seeds, Açai frozen berry pack (see here for brand and other recipes)naturally vanilla flavored whey and blended it to high heaven!

So tasty and so good for you 😉


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