I’m all about healthy eating and the occasional indulgences. I also think that having an open mind to homeopathic and natural remedies is good. Though, I did have a discussion with a friend of mine who suffers from MS and must be very wary of homeopathic remedies and has had some bad reactions to them.

I had bees on the brain this past weekend. Saturday, we had to catch and release 2 honey bees from inside our house. Yesterday, I had to capture at least 10! Those little guys can be docile or spastic. I just used a clear cup and a coaster to gather them and take them outside.

Anyway, I just drank some Pollen-Up!


Local bee pollen is supposed to aid in alleviating symptoms of allergies. My acupuncturist told me to get actual bee pollen to mix in drinks or with food, but I found this product and I’ve been pretty happy with it.

Bees are so clean! I just had to mention that because in dealing with singular bees, I’ve had to watch them calm down enough to catch them. They constantly clean their eyeballs and wings and abdomen with their hind legs. It’s pretty cute, actually.


I also had a CRAVING for PB&J. I almost never make them, but I had a jar of local olallieberry jam at home. I remembered because we passed by the farm on our way home from bicycling yesterday. I’ve never seen an olallieberry, but the farm has a pick-your-own patch! I only ate a slice of bread with my AB&J and it was yummy!


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