My elevation graph today!

I didn’t eat much this morning so I was going off a protein shake and gooey GU packets and Honey Stingers. Mmmm. Yum, I know!

There’s something that happens in my brain when I am tired and hurting and I want to get off my bike. My senses start getting all mixed up. For instance, today I start smelling apple pie on my climb. There’s absolutely no house with an apple pie in the window cooling, but I smelled it. Maybe a type of leaf or foliage triggered a familiar memory and that’s what my brain decided to tell me: You smell apple pie!

Then, as I was riding fast on a twisty descent, I thought I saw a big horse on the side of the road. When I looked again, it was just a mass of mailboxes. I decided to finish up and take the fastest way home since I was getting hungry and kept hearing phantom cars behind me.

I had a lot of fun and this was the second time climbing one particularly steep hill. There was some traffic, but most drivers gave me room. Its rated Cat2, so most cars go up slowly, which is great! Today I concentrated on my downhill technique and cornering. During the climbs, I was shifting my weight on the seat to see what helped me pedal better. The fun was finishing strong and not getting sloppy or feeling like jelly legs! The whole ride I felt pretty slow and started to count just to distract myself from the heat and grade. I haven’t been able to summit sub 30 minutes, so I’m just going to keep chugging along. 2:30:00 later… 😉

I made this for lunch; all the random bits of food in the fridge made for a pretty tasty lunch. I ended up eating sliced turkey meat straight from the fridge when I got home, so that’s not pictured! Famished!



2 thoughts on “PainfulFun?

    1. Hi! Yeah. It’s a bit much here. Especially just starting out. Let’s just say I read about how to climb every night before bed.

      There’s a “mountain challenge” coming up in a week and the part I rode today is only one of the many climbs of that race. I would consider doing the half century except I get a stomach ache looking at the course.

      I would like a kitchen-table century about now! My hams are tired.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting!

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