I got home late because I took a wrong turn on my ride. Seriously, the next time I’m at the trailhead, I’m going to take a picture of the sign. The marker is at a trail entrance but there is an arrow that points to the left. It’s a “loop” so I deduce LEFT ARROW means this direction. I was wrong.

The path at first seemed well travelled enough, but the rate of descent was steep and rocky. (I don’t recall this trail being exposed, I think to myself.) But, I don’t stop. The terrain becomes crumbly granite, jagged but worn into natural steps. (This doesn’t look fun to climb up.) I look ahead and know that I’m going the wrong direction too quickly and I’m now hoping that I end up at the highway and not behind private farm land.

If I meant to go downhill, I would’ve gone faster. But I was braking and slowing myself because I was sure there would be a turn off soon and I didn’t want to miss it. Oh, boy was I wrong. I ended up 500 yards from where I started climbing only 45 minutes prior. It was not what I expected to do today.

This week was about “new” routes, but one wrong turn after an arduous steep climb and I found myself back to sea level. Blah! 😦

My consolation? Take out!

I made the Szechuan eggplant, but ordered the rice and shrimp with tomato stir fry. The restaurant grills the ingredients before wok-tossing everything together. I have quite gotten the flavor down so I keep ordering it to see what I’m missing from my recipe. 😉


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