I went grocery shopping.
On an empty stomach.
I decided that a rack of pork ribs looked great and that I was going to grill it Korean style. There was a leg of lamb but it was bigger than my head.

I miss living near Korean BBQ restaurants. I really do. I love all the vegetable the side dishes, mostly! But grilling your food at your table is a fun dining experience.

Using some Korean chili spices and fermented black beans, I made a spicy marinade to soak my ribs in. I have made nappa cabbage kimchi countless times, vegan style, authentic with oysters, red and white versions.. but these are less time consuming and good for spur of the moment dinners.


The only thing that “doesn’t belong” is the pickled daikon and carrot. That’s a Vietnamese side dish, but to me, it compliments the fiery heat from the ribs and will be nice wrapped in red leaf lettuce!


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