I’m not much of a cold-breakfast kinda gal, but I made a batch of delicious granola a few days ago and I was starving this morning.

I woke up, PST 5:30 because I was thirsty. I couldn’t fall back asleep so I read Tweets about the Tour until the last 35km or so when I couldn’t stand the suspense and turned on live-streaming on my computer.

Since I usually make loud noises when ever I do anything in the kitchen, I didn’t want to wake my husband by whirring together my morning shake.

Granola & almond milk to the rescue! If you want a go at the recipe, mine was based off this recipe from OhSheGlows

*I omitted dried fruits, the extracts and millet. I also recommend lowering the temperature because the almond butter and sugars may burn more easily so low and slow baking on this one!

I watched the Tour while crunching away at my breakfast! (I’m pretty sure the crunching finally woke Mr. Sleepy) This stage was fun to watch because I like watching the riders shove the fans out of their way at the end of steep sections. I sometimes think that the crazy race fans who are in full costume of whatever (fill in the blank), with face make-up AND wearing full length capes are highly distracting. But I always get nervous watching them try to tackle riders with a bit of Bro-Love. “I MUST touch Voeckler!” lol

Now, completely floored by the 1/3 cup of granola and dense Amazake, I can’t do anything but stretch while I digest. I found some yoga poses online to help me stretch my hammies and glutes. I’m fairly sore in my quads and knees as well from hike-a-bike fest yesterday. I have one more week until my massage appointment so I need to take care of my muscles until then 😉

I think today is an easy spin day.. maybe even on the rollers since the weather is drab and gray.


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