I was sitting here reading news, stretching and drinking my morning smoothie about to lament about the weather getting warmer when I see my friend Sean post this:

Over 1000 miles deep in the Road of Bones, beaten by sand. Like riding on a beach. At this pace, will make Yakutsk by Xmas. Might be kamaz time soon.”

Sheesh!  And I was worried about whether to wear arm warmers or a light wind-breaker.  I recall a motorcycle documentary that Ewan McGregor did about motorcycling around the world and saw the Road of Bones and the level of crumbling infrastructure that it was.  It’s like ribbons of black silk baked and crumbled into charred flakes. Sean is cycling on that!   (Mental note; I will never complain about potholes again!)

You can see Sean’s trek here.  And find his feed on Facebook here.  He’s riding for the charity “World Bicycle Relief”.  If you’re wanting to check out a person with crazy, amazing will-power, mental strength and physical stamina with a peppering of a wicked sense of humor and relaxed encounters a life changing ride, find him and say “hi”.  I’m sure he’d love the support.  He left Santa Cruz, California and headed up through Canada, so he’s on leg2 of his trip.Image


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