Today’s salad from yesterday’s soup 😉

Yesterday, I made an impromptu lunch of cold beet soup and Thai chicken salad.

I had barely any food in the fridge and our guests (my husband’s cousin and her hubby) arrived early afternoon. We chatted a bit and before we knew it, we were all hungry.

The plan was to eat a little something, hike in Año Nuevo State Park, then meet our aunt&uncle for dinner.

One chicken breast, head of frisée, sunflower greens, like juice, garlic, Thai chilies, coconut milk and ground peanuts made for a fast cooking salad.

The trick is to wok toss on low heat, poaching the minced chicken in a little coconut milk and lime juice. Let the mixture cool off the stove. Using the poaching liquid as a base, you can add minced garlic, more lime, tamarind paste a dash salt or more coconut to taste and it will be an awesome dressing!

The beets were from the farmers market and they were the marbled pink and white variety! So pretty to eat. I boiled a few eggs and blanched some zucchini in addition to the beets. Served at room temperature with fresh dill and yogurt.

A strange mash up of flavors, but it worked as a light lunch 😉


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