Ahh. It got very warm and windy, my favorite kind of weather! If it weren’t so dry and dusty, it would’ve been extremely pleasant! In a little over an hour, I burned a good 700cal.

It was pretty cute. I was stopped and drinking water, eating a Cliff Block when a kid and his dad pulled up to look at the trail marker. I said “hi” and the dad said hi. “We’re just looking at the trail marker.” Oh- I say, Yeah, this is the upward bound direction. “Oh, we want to go down!” Ok-I say, I’ll look out for you guys!

And then the dad said something silly and made his teenage son sort of wince. “Oh, don’t worry! You’ll probably hear us screaming our heads off!” LMAO!

Poor kid. Even if mr. dad was joking, that was a pretty funny thing to say.


You will notice most of the climbing was up front, but the jagged middle stuff was the “upward bound” direction, full of twisty single track and some descending, so the big drops come early in the trail the opposite direction.

I don’t mind going down steep crumbly stuff, but it’s more fun for me to mountain goat up for some reason. I really need to work on my control and speed (or lack thereof) but I can’t seem to get smoothed out. Mentally, I just need to let go of my brakes. I say “mental” even though it’s extremely physical, but all in my head mostly. I’m like a donkey. Over thinking all the time. Arghhh.


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