I wanted to eat at home, but my day became longer than expected and so I bought a simple BLT and a lime+mint spritzer from the local cafe.

I was only planning on being at work for a few hours; checking in on projects and loaning out my bike frame to an acquaintance who wasn’t sure what size frame she needed. Alas, she arrived but had some family problems that came up and had to test my bike later in the afternoon. Two hours later, she came back and took my bike for a 40 minute cruise. She had older style toe clips, so I was sure she would have a blast on my road bike based on what she told me about having to “reach” for her bars and having an “old” bike. 😉


I just HAD to show you how anal I am about my bike fit. In case she had to adjust the seat, I measured my seat height and took a photo of the reading!


Remember how I mentioned, no, was DETERMINED to have a recovery / easy spin day? Well, because the day stretched out and I got some new projects, I started stressing out about not exercising.

So, I put on a pair of running shorts and took off. (Normally I wear sporty type clothes unless I have visitors.) I told myself I was going on an “aggressive-walk”. Which mentally helps me to keep pace and enjoy the scenery.. even though it sounds like I’m planning to beat up people walking their dogs. . (which I wasn’t implying at all.)

I haven’t run for over a year. I mean REALLY. Even hiking fast in short spurts doesn’t count as sustained jogging.

So, I went slowly and steadily. For some reason I thought my quads would be happier jogging, but they are still sore. My desire for recovery turned into sustaining muscle fatigue. Thankfully, the trail I took was very flat with fun little twisty bits. Tomorrow, before doing anything, I’m going to spin these legs out on my rollers!


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