Mental note: Jogging is not good on a recovery day (at least not now/yet). I woke up with sore muscles in my legs. My idea to spin this morning will be delayed until after I digest my breakfast.

Today, I have some errands and appointments, so, instead of making a shake, I made lunch because I won’t be coming home to eat. The idea was that I’d make a shake after preparing lunch, but I ended up tasting and experimenting so much I became– Full!


I parboiled all the ingredients and made a salad. The rice noodles are store-bought and the veggies; sliced lotus root, bitter melon, & sliced zucchini are flavored in a bonito/soy/sesame oil/ lime juice/ garlic/chili pepper mixture. I added a bit of salmon roe and cilantro for garnish. Now, it just needs to chill and meld until lunch time..

It’s Father’s Day! I bought a set of lights for my dad because he bike commutes to work. I remember him complaining about riding in the dark (since he gets there at dawn) and so I thought lights for his bike would be perfect!


I did the industrial design on these lights, so I can’t really give them an unbiased review, however, I have one taillight for each bike and have the same front light. They are USB rechargeable and the taillight is stronger than anything else out there. I did a lot of research on traffic/cycling/ injuries/ accidents/deaths and I use the lights in daylight or dark. There’s really no way I’d ever ride in traffic without using extra precaution; when I drove my motorcycle, I was taught to always turn my headlights on. I don’t see why bicycles would be any different.

The Urban 500 goes on the handlebar and the Vis180 goes on the seat tube. The Vis180 has amber side lights and really are visible when you are looking at the rider from the side.


You may think the wrapping job is a little– uh boring? But he’s such a practical person, it would be really weird to get him decorated paper and a bow! This way, he can recycle the gift wrap and feel good about it. I used this cool printed masking tape that looks like ribbon, so that’s as festive as it’s going to get!


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