I’m taking a rest day. Maybe a spin on the rollers so there’s no WAY I get inspired to push on a climb or sprint that last stretch of road. There was only one time when I was able to go slowly: I did a very easy loop twice and had exactly the same time and speed, with 1 watt “off”. I was really surprised!

I’m having an easy drink of 1:1:1 coconut water, water, Yerba mate tea, with banana and mixed berries. SP complete & whole fiber mix with flax seed oil. I’m not doing chia seeds today.

You may notice that I’ve sliced a few sweet potato slices in the back ground! I felt inspired to bake some chips! There is a container of hummus and tzatziki in the fridge waiting to be used as dip! I’m trying some Chinese 5-spice on a few just to see if that works out.

**There aren’t only 5 spices in Chinese 5-Spice. There are about 7-12 depending on the recipe. I’m pretty sure making it from scratch is how I broke my spice/coffee grinder. 😉 lol


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