I was having dinner with my friends in Iceland when someone’s uncle dropped by to show off his new-to-him vintage American classic car. Everyone went outside, including me, and oohed and ahhhed, asking the usual new-car questions and congratulating him on such a good find!

I snuck back into the dining room because I couldn’t help eating a delicious curry dish my friend made. I sat down and ate the rest of my serving and then turned toward the entry to the room, made sure no one was coming, and proceeded to lick the plate.

Just then, everyone came in. I must have been blushing because they asked me what was wrong. I said nothing, but my friend’s boyfriend said,”Hey! Look here. It’s a clean line on her plate.. it looks as if.. she licked it clean!”

Yes. I admitted it, and my girlfriend who made the curry dish beamed and told me that was the best compliment she ever had.




I thought I would try to make something new out of my leftovers. Inspired by another blogger who reminded me of delicious dish called DanDanMien, I made zucchini “noodles” by thinly slicing, then blanching in hot, salted water to soften, then I created a sauce using last night’s tandoori/vindaloo as a base. I simmered the sauce down, added ground peanuts, a dash of Szechuan crushed peppercorns and then blended it into a nice paste in a food processor. Poured a 1/4 cup on the zuchinni noodles and sprinkled sliced scallions on top. It was delicious!



The sweet potato chips I made earlier had a nori-based experiment for 4 pcs.
I added a dollop of tzatziki and I have to say, it was a pretty inventive little bite of salty, umami, sweet and creamy all packed into crunchy gooeyness.



I made a lychee, date chutney with leftover ginger, onion that had nowhere else to go. I had some hardboiled eggs in the fridge, cut in halves to pop out the yolk and inserted the sweet, tart chutney inside. Served alongside some sprigs of radish sprout, chilled grapes, & salmon roe, it was a fun alternative to plain hardboiled eggs.




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