So, I was cleaning all 5 of my water bottles and saw one that thoroughly grossed me out. The Camelbak insulated water bottle has been awesome for so long, but last season, I rode in a lot of mud. Mud got on the rear, back of jersey, my water bottles, and mud in my mouth (the potential for ingesting giardia is high from standing water from trails and creeks.)

I guess that harbors bacteria in the long run and these little parts are hard to access. Because it is a clear silicon part, it’s also good at showing dirt more easily, which is actually safer in my opinion.

So, being the brute-force fixit type, I tried to pry off the silicon bite piece with a butter knife. It wouldn’t budge. Then I boiled water, turned it off and stuck the whole cap in, but I still couldn’t access the grime with a bottle brush. I thought, well, maybe I’ll bite it off? But I bit too high and just tore the silicone off at the valve. I’m sure there was some tablet I was supposed to buy or use some special technique?


I have another “Podium” bottle, but it’s just going to get dirty, too. Anyone have any advice?


After I experimented and broke my bottle valve, I decided to make lunch.

This is a bitter melon. I made a coconut soup-veggie dish with it. It’s an acquired taste due to its extreme bitterness, but it is extremely healthy and good for your body. I decided to go a little South East Asian with the cooking method, turning this into a sweet and spicy dish with chilies, pineapple and coconut milk.



*Read/learn about the benefits and side effects of bitter melon before eating it. Preparation methods vary, but you must remove the pith and seeds from the core and soak in salted water before using.


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