I woke up with a dreary overcast sky. In less than an hour, the sun is out and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

I was ravenous this morning and quickly made my shake.


Green garden, whole food fiber, 1 banana & hemp seed oil.

I also prepared lunch for hubby. There’s a whole loaf of bread not pictured, too!


He’s weighing in at 160lb (he is 6′-1″) due to riding so much, so I’m trying to give him supplemental protein & carbs to eat during the day. He usually gets a lox bagel, maybe a baguette with brie, and then a kale salad from the local cafe. I’m often envious because I’m eating leftovers or trying to make sense out of random things in the fridge!

Since I was hungry yesterday (and I went grocery shopping) I ended up getting a little too excited about how much food to buy. First, I bought 1 chicken thigh and drumstick sections, but the swordfish looked SO GOOD, I bought that too. So, this morning, I made a marinade for the chicken so we could have braised chicken for dinner.


I’ve made Moroccan tagine and Indian vindaloos countless times, but I’ve recently refined and blended some flavors/cooking styles for a new recipe I’ve come to enjoy. It’s spicy, pungent, warming to the soul and downright tasty. This blend of spices; garam masala & curries are premixed as I recently broke my coffee (ahem) spice grinder and cannot make my blends from scratch. I have a dozen mortar & pestles, but that’s beside the point! 😉

There is grapeseed oil, fresh grated wasabi (in lieu of hot mustard powder), champagne vinegar, garlic, ginger, curry, paprika, red pepper, Serrano chilies, garam masala & curry. This will marinate the heck out of chicken, lamb, beef, potatoes, cauliflower, okra, prawns, tofu, etc etc.

Anyway, my kitchen smells like garlic and fragrant spices, now. 😉 When I go to cook this, I’ll incorporate some sweetness using dried dates and use my tagine to cook it.

Well, now that I’m thinking way ahead to dinner, I’d better get my day started!


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