Bahn Mi: AKA best sandwich ever


This is a total bastardization of a Bahn Mi sandwich: typically made with pâté, sliced meats/ sausages, but has morphed into– whatever your fancy deliciousness can go inside!

I bought a lovely bake til the crust is golden 3-seeded Sourdough, made locally. Marinated a swordfish steak in a little soy, oil, pepper, garlic, ginger, and scallion. Pickled sliced daikon and carrots in sweet, sour brine. Sliced cucumber, chili
peppers and pulled the remaining cilantro from the garden for garnish.

This sandwich is sweet, savory and spicy! Some people use butter or mayo on their bread. I like using a mixture of yogurt and sriracha with a dash of lime juice. Sriracha is not necessary if your peppers are spicy. My peppers were bland, so I needed to improvise.

Hubby grilled the fish to perfection and I sliced the steaks 1/2″ thick. This is a great summer meal as the flavors are just fresh and beyond the norm. You can also have fresh wedges of lime so each bite can be a little tart!

I’m nowhere near a good Vietnamese restaurant or place where I can get Asian groceries, so this was as authentic as I could get. The seeded sourdough was a new find for me, so I didn’t resist and get packaged frech rolls. Fresh hot breads beat packaged any day ! 😉


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