Wow, my legs are tired today. A spin around the block at fairly slow cadence made me realize how much more I need to stretch. It felt good to spin, though and get the blood flowing to my legs, especially before the midday heat sets in.

I saw about 4 other riders this morning: everyone had huge smiles on their faces and I even had big waves, not just the “I’m in the zone” type head nod.

So, when I got home, I wanted to go crazy on the left overs. Since we had the fridge fiasco a few weeks ago, I’ve been trying hard to be aware of how long we keep food and try to use everything quickly. It looks like I made a lot of food, however. I may need to ride again later in order to balance out the caloric intake!


This snack took the longest to make. I made ceviche at 9 a.m. Lime juice, coconut milk, chilies, fish, and octopus. Then, the rice crackers are made from scratch. I experimented with using a sheet of nori, and it was way easy to make a Japanese style rice cracker snack.


I used a the remaining grilled salmon, lentil blini and sliced sweet potato, adding tzatziki, hummus and sliced apple for lunch. I was going to bake pita bread, but decided I was not going to eat so much.. haha– I wish.


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