On my Strava. . I’ve been playing around with Ride “titles.”  Rather than label them by location or type, sometimes I’ll write something different like: “The Wrong Trousers” or “Jiggidy Jig.”  The first one reminding me that I wore the wrong type of shorts and the latter meaning I was close to home. . . Yup.  I’m creative like that.

But this week, I’ve been doing loops.  I thought it would be clever to make my “loop” the number “8” because it looks to me like an infinite symbol and that’s sort of the way I rode my route.  However, I wrote it out as “l8P.”  Which my hubby pointed out last night asking, “WHY did you write “I ate Pee?!”

I am definitely not as cool as I think I am, apparently! 🙂



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