Double shake this morning before work because I had to tow our broken Toyota truck from our mechanic to work. Thankfully, we have a big parking area at work!

Apparently, the engine would need complete overhauling and it’s not something we want to do for an old vehicle. The truck doesn’t even have a model year, it’s just “Toyota”. We need a truck because of where we live and in the winters, it gets a bit sketchy with mudslides, fallen timber, some snow, etc.

So, that was my morning. ;(

Sitting in a tow truck passenger seat is fun in all sorts of ways. As we stopped at traffic lights (I could be imagining things) it seemed that other drivers looked at me and the truck with a bit of sympathy. The looks were like, “aw, a tow already? what a bad start to a day”, or “darn glad that’s not me!”

It was also one of those huge truck-beds, so I felt really TALL! I could see over fences and other trucks. As a small petite person, this was invigorating.

I also noticed the tow driver was snacking on some “convenient-store cuisine”. I felt like telling him about the joys of bicycling and maybe help kickstart a more healthy choice of snacking.. I did offer him a plum from my backpack, but he declined.


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