Ahhh. Food post recovery ride.


Lentil blini on garden lettuces and arugula, cilantro chutney and some quinoa salad.

Yesterday, I rode a lot. Well, not compared to some crazy folks around here who have 6 hour rides, but for me, yes! Yesterday, I rode 40 miles in 2.5 hours, with 3300 feet elevation gain.

So, today, I tried to focus on getting stretched out properly and blood flow to my legs.

So, I did 2 loops of around the block 😉 I took the more scenic “block” with less traffic. Total was 10 miles @an average of 12.1mph and fastest time of 38.5. total elevation gain is only 1200 or so. I’m a speed-scardy-cat. I’d rather see my mph time go up than my descent time go up 😉


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