Having dinner with friends is fun! Having dinner with new friends at a girls dinner out is even more fun! Especially if we all love food!

So, I arrived in SF and drove directly to my hotel to check in. It’s a nice hotel and good parking lot, safe area and cabs wait right outside. The hotel bellhop whistled for one and I was on
my way to Luna Park.

This link is to the menu. I ended up “sharing” entrees and apps with one of the party members. I had already planned on getting some type of fish, but when I SAW some one order the short ribs, and the day was cloudy and cold, something inside said, “warm up! you need something comforting and rich!”

So, when my neighbor confessed to wishing we could all share plates family style, I knew we had some type of mental food telepathy going!

We shared the short ribs and each got a small salad. I ordered the Thai papaya salad with shrimp, she ordered the Little gems beet salad. After we shared some salad on our bread plates, she enjoyed the spicy kick and blended it with her little gems!

When the entree came, it was perfect for sharing, as I’m fairly certain I couldn’t finish the whole thing.(or want to)

By now, I have half a Tequila Sour in me and I’m having a great time eating.

Oh… and then dessert. What do you order when you are 7 completely relaxed women out to celebrate a best friend getting married? Three HUGE desserts to share! Wow. The effect of drinking alcohol was nothing compared to my sugar high! 😉

Afterward, we had drinks at Casanova.
I had a vodka and grapefruit, i.e. a Greyhound). The bar has been there forever and was especially packed on a Sat. night. Ironically, the decor is like an homage to the ultimate 70’s bachelor pad; velvet paintings of women, dark ruby red interior and sofas and hanging lamps that look like a mash up of Morocco meets Austin Powers. Pretty darn good spot for a memorable, if not slightly loud, cocktail spot.

I’m up late due to the espresso! arghh. I’m a caffeine wimp after that detox! Off to Napa for the bridal shower tomorrow!


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