Things to do. . .

Girls NIGHT out!  AKA Bachelorette party. . .

-Things to do because I KNOW I will do things like order little decadent drinks like this one shown at Camino, Oakland, CA: Pisco Sour.

And order yummy foods from every course  that goes beyond my caloric needs – – like by indefinitely!

As beautiful and healthy these are, adding all the courses up (including dessert) is crazy.   I mean look how wonderful this menu is!  (Slow Club) SF, CA

Spoiled, Right?  I LOVE both these restaurants and have eaten fairly light yet savory dishes there, but bachelorette parties are different.  They are off the wall, drinks pouring everywhere and inhibitions for ordering a chocolate molten cake go out the door.

So, today, I’m studying the menu of our restaurant choice and choosing my entrees, now instead of later!  (And damn them for any specials they may toss into the mix!)  HAHA 🙂

Thankfully, I found enough gifts for the bachelorette gifts AND the wedding shower on Sunday.  Madness I tell you!  Thankfully, I went to a sweet little antique store that just opened up and they had some nice Parisian themed glassware and lotions and soaps.  Next door, I found out, was a manufacturer’s warehouse.  A French importer of linens and I essentially bought, and for fairly discounted prices, a set of beautiful jacquard woven dinner napkins and a matching rectangular table cloth.  The colors were bold and French Provincial, perfect for my friend’s style and love of French cuisine.

It was one of those serendipitous chance happenings!  Anyway, I need to wrap everything, now!

I also need to get a little riding in today before I go stir crazy.   Two days of driving around in my car for the events and NO riding makes for a cranky me.  Plus, how am I going to eat that molten chocolate cake?  I didn’t see any sorbet on the menu!  hee hee

Oh, and then: call hotel and figure out where the parking lot is located.  SF, 5p.m. Not a great time to be aimlessly driving about.

Pack: 2 outfits.  Nice attire / bring a faux fur jacket because it’s ALWAYS cold in SF.  Nicer attire , summery / bring a lightweight summer dress because it’s ALWAYS hot in NAPA.  Bring sleepy clothes and all the make up that I own.  Lipgloss, mascara.  Bring fruits and a small cooler for transporting all my fruit snacks and granola.  (I promise to post my black sesame granola recipe when I clean it up!  It’s a hack job right now.)

Pack: all the chargers and iphone thingy’s so I can properly video all the party stuff so I can embarrass her later.

Clean the car: living in the woods and parking my car outside is UH, well, makes the car dirty dirty dirty.   Driving into a posh hotel valet station IS sort of fun when they have to get into your vehicle and peel away in a cloud of redwood pine needles 🙂

Make sure I have all the information for the shower and driving directions.  Oh!  And get cash..


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