Wed. farmers market

Starved. First, Verve for a mocha!
I love this coffee roaster’s interior! The aesthetic is recycled, but clean and sophisticated. I like it because it reminds me of the coffee culture in SF but a little more grounded.


I got a luscious 16oz mocha and walked down toward the farmers market.


Seriously. Not having a fridge has some positives. I can’t over-buy! I already have ingredients for making salsa, so all I bought was a small bunch kohlrabi, a sweet Maui onion, some pluots.

Oh, and since I was starving, I bought a samosa with some cilantro chutney for a snack.


BTW: granola experiment semi:fail.

I burned some almonds and granola, so it all tastes ok, but smokey. I’ll wait to see if hubby likes it before I dump it into the garbage.

The black sesame experiment may work. I just broke up the “bars” and am forcing it to dry out into more of a granola form. Crossing fingers !!


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