I did a nice long ride today. So long, in fact, I needed a snack 😉

The day was WINDY! That wasn’t a smile, it was a grimace! Thankfully, there are only 2 short sections of highway riding, then I’m into the back woods on country road! It’s beautiful: rolling hills, a good bit of uphill, then an awesome overlook toward the coast. It’s also a Time Trial section, but I wasn’t trying to go fast. Have to conserve energy for my climb back home!

Which brought me to the cafe.


Double Americano with a butter croissant, please! I don’t normally eat croissants. Like ever. Mostly because they are stuffed with I don’t know what or coated (or both) and my sugar spikes something awful after eating them.

This was the view out of the window. It was so windy, my bike fell over.  Overall, my ride home was good and fairly fast.. but onto more exciting news!


Hubby just came home from getting iodine and Epsom salt. He was on a trail riding home and got bit by a dog. The dog nipped him and broke skin. He’s ok, though. The owner was there and apologetic, however, we just found his phone number and called to ask who his vet was so we could check vaccination records. Hubby was test riding a bike design and thankfully he had his GoPro installed AND filmed the incident. Smarty pants. He’s also smart enough to ask for the owner’s license so we could contact him.


[Update: The guy called us back and gave us his vet’s information.  He and hubby spoke on the phone for a while and it seems that everything is good between them and the dogs are healthy.   He also mentioned that he’d look into a trainer because he doesn’t want his dog biting anyone again.  That level of reflection is pretty awesome!]


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