I’m pretty sure I’m going to make granola today: I had a dream about it. I was baking a tray of it and it smelled sweet and looked crunchy! I bet that’s why I woke up early this morning!

I’m drinking hot yerba mate tea, now, and just finished boiling a few eggs and string beans for later.


This morning’s shake!

(I learned that the local market will juice whatever you want if you buy the ingredients there! I may look into that ;).

This juice was kale, cucumber, ginger, celery.. chia seeds, flaxseed oil and half a banana.

I’m going to get an early start for my work. I really want to get shopping today since my best friend since high school is having her bachelorette this weekend and her wedding the following weekend!

I just booked a hotel for this Sat. night in SF. I am glad I’ve lived in and know all of SF because there were some GREAT deals on hotels in really bad locations. “bad.1” in terms of being alone, hailing a cab, at 10 at night.. or even catching a cab.. Or “bad.1.1” no hotel parking so you parked on a street-cleaning zone and got towed/ must go to the city impound to release your vehicle for a mere $300. (At this point you sort of wish it was stolen.)

This weekend is also the 75th anniversary of the GGB! (Golden gate bridge) Apparently, the celebration is on Sunday, so hoping I’ll avoid traffic. yeah, right ;(

If anyone has any ideas on gifts, my friend and her fiancé are foodies and love cooking, any tips on must have gadgets are most welcome!


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