The first time I had this salad, I believed I was transported into a dimension where entree met and married appetizer.

Light and hearty, savory and full of variety, I really loved this dish. .. Did I mention that was made with canned tuna?

Yup, the recipe Julia Child made famous in the states, while probably annoying French chefs.

I made a variation using what I have in the house and fresh tuna!

Boiled 1 egg, 3 red potatoes and steamed green beans in one pot. Remove the beans, eggs and potato when al dente, boiled, and cooked. Dry everything and deshell/cut the egg into wedges, dice potatoes and chop beans into 2″ lengths.

Season tuna
filet with herbs de provence, grapeseed oil and squeeze of lime juice.

Collect garden lettuces and chives (wash and dry), make simple dressing of champagne vinegar, seeded mustard and olive oil, sliced shallots. Wash and quarter a ripe tomato.

Grill tuna at super high to sear edges, but do not cook through to center.

Place all lettuces and potatoes and beans in a salad bowl. Pour some dressing along the sides of bowl and gently toss. Arrange all the greens and acoutremont before slicing and arranging tuna.

Add cornichones, *anchovy filets, olives, *capers, etc. in easy to see places. Have a bowl for pits handy if you use pitted niçiose olives. Serve more dressing on the tuna, if you like.

We ate our meal with my lentil chili from this afternoon. Like all chili, it tasted even better the second time around!

*wish I had some!

Approx. 600 calories (150 from lentil chili)


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