Night Out!

Mmm. I have to say, tonight’s choice of restaurant was great. We’ve dined here over a dozen times and tonight was more stellar than usual. (Cafe Sparrow is a must visit if in Santa Cruz / Aptos area!)

I wonder if it’s because we were famished and needed 1600 calories, pronto?!

We ordered a lovely app of baby Manila clams in a sultry broth. So yum. I actually went for the broth with some warm house bread.

Then I had a small caesar while hubby had a roasted corn chowder. I’m a ceasar-snob. If I can’t taste fresh anchovy or they’ve thrown some liquefaction type white cream sauce with dried out manufactured parmesan strips, I’m offended. I’ve also made the traditional dressing so many times, I can taste if they use raw egg or not. Anyhoo, they didn’t do the annoying croutons strewn about– but a single herbed thin crouton on the side.

I had a sip of the corn chowder and it was nicely flavored with a rich base and not creamy in an overbearing way. Hubby was sweet in saying it wasn’t as good as my curry corn chowder, which reminds me I need to make because it is damn yummy. (he totally knows how to woo me!)

Entrees were hearty and awesome!
I had a cumin spiced red snapper with chili buerreblanc, fresh guacamole (yup, they are awesome like that) with side of rice, beets and puree of sweet potato and crisp string beans. Hubby had venison with demiglace with raspberries and garlicky potatoes with dusting of parmesan.

We looked civilized, knives and forks in hand, but barely a word passed between us the first few minutes! No coffee, no dessert, just the check! Our appetites require fresh fruit after such indulgence.


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