Mmm. I was at the market and looking in the cheese section. I don’t know why, but I just didn’t want to get anything. I thought perhaps I’d get a Point Reyes Blue and maybe a smoked Gouda.. which I haven’t had since pre-cleanse, but I went to get veggies and a fresh salmon steak instead. It’s SALMON SEASON here in No. Cal, so everyone is featuring and selling some beautiful fillets and steaks!


There’s a great side of the highway market on the way home. I got these beautiful ears of corn there. I pulled out the silk and washed the corn, dried them, slathered ghee on the kernels and rewrapped the husks.


I bought some beets with great looking beet greens attached. I didn’t want to bake them, so I made a beet soup instead. I peeled, chopped and boiled the beets with homemade stock and then removed the beets. I then chopped the beet greens, onion and garlic, simmered that for 15 min and readied raw chopped onions, red pepper, and thinly sliced basil as accoutrements. I like the ritual of serving yourself, then you ladle in the broth.


Fresh chive and dill really make this soup shine! Hubby had seconds!


The salmon steak was yum, buttery were the potatoes, and I was happy to finally eat a potato! It’s not “forbidden” in the cleanse menu, just not as nutritious as sweet potatoes.

I have some potatoes growing in the garden bed, so can’t wait for those to be ready! Apparently, the grow easily in this type of clay-ish soil.


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