Day21.Lunch– sort of

Mistakes happen.
I know how to make a frittata but I forgot how to use one of my cooking instruments. It’s a multi egg poacher. I haven’t used it for nearly 3 years and “thought” it would be perfect for today’s lunch.

Hmm. Or not.


The “concept” was to make a single serving frittata inspired healthy cupcake. Huh??

So, here’s my train of thought:
1. today I celebrate! I want cake! why do I want cake? because it equals party in our culture. (google “fine cakes and pastries”)– find pic of “kit kat” cake with m&m’s on top.

2. but I can’t have cake right now! mostly because today’s not over, I’m stuck at home without a car, and the nearest cake is at an organic farm down the road.. about 9 miles and 1400 feet below me. (google “frittata”)

3. I have asparagus and 4 eggs, leftover rice.. can I make a frittata without cheese?

4. kit kat cake + asparagus frittata = my version!

Fall-apart asparagus scramble! 😉


The main problem were the poaching dishes. I forgot to heat the water before adding any egg. My egg mixture literally dripped past the rice and through the tiny holes.

I thought I could “save” it by quickly turning the burner on, but I essentially poached the eggs in the pot. I had to lift the trays and scrape out the poached eggs and strain them of water.

Well, it’s like poaching eggs in water, so I’ll just return it to the top of the rice and bake it!

At least everything was cooked through. It was messy, but yummy.


3 thoughts on “Day21.Lunch– sort of

    1. thank you! you are the sweetest 🙂 i’m going to think that way from now on. i had a chance to visit your site and next time, I’m looking there for “egg” inspiration!

      1. I’m the queen of having accidentally delicious food (great dish from some random disaster, haha), so I know it’s possible! thanks for stopping by!

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