Famished! I went to the store hungry, but with a mission! Fish tacos! I was happy because the seafood counter had some really good looking piece of talapia.

And what’s this?!


Sprouted corn tortillas, no preservatives, no fillers or binders, 60 calories per tortilla and only 7.5g fat, 5g sodium. I steamed them and they softened up great and tasted great, too.

So, I marinated my fillet in some grapeseed oil, lime juice, grated jalepeño and chili. I also made wild rice cooked with dried chipotles, onions and cumin.

I made fresh guacamole and pico de gallo as well. I like the trad way Mexican restaurants serve tacos: 2 small corn tortillas stacked full of meat, rice and beans. Sans-beans tonight as I didn’t want to cook more food.


I like to serve my guac+salsa in an avocado shell. It’s a good way to control portion and for parties, it keeps people from hovering over the chip and salsa area OR the dreaded pour onto your plate of food dilemma.

I serve the talapia whole. It flakes off anyway when I use a knife and fork. The best part is toward the end, when you have enough food to wrap in your soggy tortilla (which is why I think 2 tortillas are used) and you can eat it with your hands.

The sprouted lentils were made into a “slaw” with macerated onions, dash of champagne vinegar, pea shoots and seeded mustard.


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