I know it’s early: it’s 11:30 and I already finished lunch! I’m planning on finishing up some work and running errands. Most times, if I drive around on an empty stomach, I get famished and end up at the grocery store buying random things. (Once, I was coming home really late, 8:30, from a job and I bought a bag of potato chips, bottle of Yerba Matté and a leg of lamb. Yes, 1 whole leg that cost around $40USD. impulsive, right? But it did look like it would make a great tagine..)


Vegetable burger with garden salad, sliced tomato, steamed asparagus, baba ghanouch, spicy red pepper sauce and homemade yam chips over a bed of sprouted lentils.


My Indonesian spiced rice + plain cooked lentils. 1/3 cup : 2/3 cup ratio.


When mashed until only slightly discernible lentils are left, add a tbsp of roasted yam. Mash more!

Formed into round balls and flatten into paddies. Let chill in freezer for 10-15 minutes.

I pan fried on each side on high for a few minutes. Covered with a lid and let steam while low for another 3 while I plated.


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