Enjoying my breakfast outside today.

While I was blending my drink, I realized I needed to make my lunch since I was going into the office.

When I made my shake, I boiled water for an egg. When I was done blending the shake, my water was boiling and I dropped my egg in. When I was about halfway through the shake, sitting outside listening to birds, I came back in and added asparagus to a steamer the fit just right into the pot and covered it with the pot lid. Another 2 minutes and everything was cooked! A total of 7 minutes, I think.


Then, I remembered I had all that baba ghanouch leftover, so I made some Japanese sweet potato chips. I’ve learned how to use my mandolin properly (it only took this entire cleanse to practice!) but I made some good, round slices!

Using a basting brush, I lightly glossed all the pieces with a total of 1/2 tbsp of grapeseed oil. Every time I followed other sweetpotato chips recipes, “tossing” them in oil never did a good job evenly distributing among chips, leaving some over-oiled and none at all. I just added sea salt and black pepper to the chips.


And.. I was finally patient enough to wait until my hemp bag dried to pull out the remaining lentil sprouts!


They really bulked up in there! It’s beautiful how they have little green tendrils, now. I’m going to keep making the salad, now!


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