Day19. Lunch/Snack


In my excitement to watch the climbing stage of the Tour of California, I forgot to post lunch: Sprouted lentils, avocado, roasted jalepeño, quinoa, shaved carrot, lime juice and French sea salt. Sliced tomato and roasted sweet potato with salsa.

I’m also eating a snack, now, too!

I was eating and thinking, hmm. Wouldn’t it be nice to eat a chocolate bar or a candy sometime? I occasionally eat a Luna Bar or a Cliff Bar when I’m on a ride, but I prefer GU or Honey Stingers because they dissolve more easily and I don’t have to chew very much if not at all! 😉

Anyway, I thought I’d try to snack on the caloric equivalent of a Snickers bar because, hey, it’s supposed to “satisfy” me. Maybe taste-wise, but definitely not doing much for me nutritionally. I guess that’s not the point of “candy” but still, I make choices about what I eat and often think, “well it’s fine to eat this– just this time.”

What I realize when I bicycle, however, is that I get this sugar spike in energy if I eat “candy” and then a low, lethargic after-party feeling. Ugh.

If I’m going to splurge, give me 60% cacao or higher with nibbys of roasted cacao!


Anyway, back to the snack.


I’m pretty sure I have every color represented except blue and purple! The total calories shown here are 230, but if I didn’t add the angel-ed egg, it would be less 120 or so.

“Angelled-egg” vs devilled eggs:
Boil egg
Halve and remove yolk
Mash one tbsp sweet potato and mash with yolk
Add coconut water to thin to form paste consistency
Add 1/2 tbsp high quality olive oil
Spice with paprika, spoon back into egg white
Garnish with fresh snipped chives and sea salt

Snickers Candy Bar Nutritional value.
It reads out of 266/270 calories, 126 calories are from Fats, each serving has 33.7 grams carbs and 28 grams of sugar. *sources,




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